Katina Morales

About Us

Katina Morales, aka Betty Khronic, started her love for making marijuana infused foods in her Downtown Los Angeles home kitchen, while training for the 2015 Boston Marathon. A distance runner since college, she was in search of an all natural way of healing sore muscles, alternative to aspirins and painkillers, she came up with the idea of making her own cannabis infused edibles to consume after long runs. Betty started to share her edibles with her network of athletes and active professionals, and after receiving positive feedback, she knew she wanted to create edible foods for the high performance athlete. In September of 2015, Betty decided to make her concept of healthy medicated energy bars a reality.

Inspired by her passion for fitness, Betty designed and released a line of organic raw vegan cannabis infused energy bars under the company, Betty Khronic. Determined to eliminate the negative stigma and stereotypes that are tied to being a cannabis user, Betty is striving to set high standards on how business is conducted in the cannabis industry. Betty Khronic launched January of this year and has already grown substantially. Betty Khronic made their first public debut at The 420 games in Santa Monica, the very first cannabis event ever held on the Santa Monica Pier. The edible market, consisting mostly of sugary treats and junk foods has had a void for a product this unique.

Betty Khronic Energy Bars are manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles and can be found in exclusive dispensaries and collectives throughout Southern California. These Energy Bars are Raw, Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, GMO Free, Paleo, and contain No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, and No Added Sugars. Each bar contains 7 grams of plant based protein. They are made from locally sourced organic raw ingredients such as: nuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, cacao, dates, and cold pressed cannabis infused coconut oil. Betty Khronic energy bars are infused with only lab tested high grade sativa, cultivated by Certified Growers in California. 

Betty Khronic- A Health Conscious Company Dedicated to Raising the Bar Higher!